Serving Hilo, Hawaii and the surrounding areas.

Our Rates

All Animals, LARGE and small

Peace of Mind Pet and Home Care provides very reasonable rates.
Often times our rates are very close to the cost of taking your pet to a traditional-style animal kennel.

Starting at $20 per visit. This will include a short walk (15-20 min) or playtime. Longer walks are available. During the day visit I can provide your pet with food, fresh water, medications (if needed), and a clean litter-box. We will also perform house duties such as gathering mail, watering plants, pond or Jacuzzi treatments, rotating lights, etc. We also leave a check off sheet and notes to let you know how our visit went and how your pet did while you were gone.

My typical visit lasts 25-30 minutes. However, I can gladly customize my service to suit you and your pets’ needs. If longer visits are desired, they are available at a rate of $5 for each additional 15 minutes.

Over-night stays start at $65 per night (approximately 12-14 hours). This includes total pet care including a long walk in the A.M and P.M., feeding, refreshing water, medications and playtime, etc. House duties include gathering mail, watering plants, treatment of Jacuzzi and ponds, trash to curb, rotating lights, etc) This is a customized service and will be tailored to suit your needs.

You can schedule mid-day visits along with your overnight stays at an additional fee.

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