marlene croppedI started Peace of Mind Pet and Home Care because of my love of animals. I truly believe that our pets are cherished family members that need us as much as we need them. It is our responsibility to always give them the best care possible, but sometimes we cannot be home with them. Vacations, business trips, hospital stays, etc.

The choices would then be to:

1) Ask a reluctant neighbor or family member to take care of your pet, but too often the pet gets food and water without what they need most: Loving attention.

2) Arrange to have your pet kenneled. While some pets do fine in this environment, many times the pet experiences stress, their exercise routines are interrupted, they are exposed to possible illness, and the stay can be traumatic. (hair loss, lack of appetite, fear)

Or…. 3) you can call Peace of Mind Pet and Home Care. In their own home your pet is most comfortable and feels most secure. My goal is to give them what you give them, loving affection. That may mean play time, walks, brushing, petting, or just sitting with them, and to give you, their person, Peace of Mind that both your home and your animal family members are being properly cared for.


– Marlene Norton

For immediate information, please call: 415-944-7485.